Life Through The Picture Window

Twenty something year old woman with a deep affection for cats, dark lipstick, and 90s shift dresses.

Chronicling the adventures of my hair throughout the last 3 years. (featuring some no shame selfies)

I used to have a lot of it, and some saw it as by best, most important and identifying feature. To the point where those people were more emotionally attached to it than I was, and would throw around absurd comments like

“but if you cut it you’ll look like a boy”

"aren’t you worried your boyfriend won’t be attracted to you because you’ll look really masculine?”

"but you’ll look… gay?

"your hair is the BEST thing about you though"

Just to name just a few.

Funny that now it’s all gone, I feel no less ‘feminine’ - and more like myself than I ever have.  

My body. My choices. 

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